Dec 12, 2012

My blog has moved

Jun 22, 2012

Latest Pictures

I spend so much time writing and sitting on a computer at work that the ole blog is being somewhat neglected. Oh well!

Spent 3 days on Sanibel Is. and saw this splendid Snowy Plover on the beach near our condo
Reddish Egret at Ding Darling NWR
June isn't the best time of year to visit Ding Darling but there are still a few wading birds around that offer great photographic opportunities
Cliff Swallow at Jim Woodruff Dam on Lake Seminole

May 24, 2012

They think it's all is now!

Thought the title was appropriate seeing as the European Championships are looming on the horizon. I think England will actually win this time! What? Limeybirder is off his rocker! Well apply this logic. For years the FA (Graham Taylor aside) have employed decent managers and we've had some pretty good players. England have come so close on numerous occasions to making a major final. Our hearts were broken, mostly by the Germans and Argies, but every tournament we play Skinner and Baddiels catchy tune based on the immortal words uttered in the dying seconds of the 1966 World Cup Final. We actually beat the Germans for once that year. And our hopes are raised. Not this tournament. Our players are mostly crap, the manager is a joke and our only world class players are either suspended from playing or aren't 100% fit. I'm an American now too, and won't be able to watch any of the with all that taken into consideration England will win the whole bloody thing. Head to the bookies now, you heard it here first.
Anyway, back to's some more pictures from our trip to the UK

Chiffchaff - a Code 5 over here, common as shit over there
Glaucous Gull in the stratosphere above Walton Gardens
Mistle Thrush
Tufted Duck
Mute Swan
Reed Bunting
Common Buzzard
Great Spotted Woodpecker